Everready – Fairplay Demo Tape

I didn’t even know this tape existed until I came across it on ebay late one night. I knew about the Fairplay CD (my first experience with the band after the track on Punk Sucks; the CD and the tape include the namesake of this here blog) and their overwhelming stack of 7″ records, but had never come across this thing.  It’s all the same songs as the CD (except “5 Words in My Mind” has been replaced with “X-You” which showed up on Reinheitsgebot, and “I Never Will” has been dropped off completely. “Phone Sex” is labeled as “P.S.” on the tape, but is an instrumental. A bonus track, perhaps that wound up with lyrics eventually?) It was released on Campground Records, the San Diego label which–I believe–was run by one of the members of Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, and also put out the first Viva La Vinyl comp.

Mostly the same songs as the CD, but a completely different recording and production. A few of the lyrics are different as well. The songs are much simpler, with less distortion in the playing and the signature gruffness in the singing. Definitely a less mature sound, and if this had been the first thing I heard from them, I don’t know that I would love them like I do now. It’s a little like getting to hear practice versions of the songs, or like work product or something.

Also, for those of you who never could understand the lyrics (count me in. We’re coming up on 13 years since I first heard this on CD, and I still don’t know most of the words…) this has much clearer singing. There’s no lyrics in the j-card, but one could likely transcribe them from this recording much easier than the CD. Brian’s not quite as yell-y yet.

Here’s the J-card:

click for full size


Whatever    2:25
Vietnam    1:45
Fairplay    3:15
Change    2:27
At the Che    2:52
Will the World Ever Change?     3:12
1000 Yesterdays    2:10
X-You    2:51
Inside My Head    2:22
I Can See Clearly Now    2:23
P.S.    2:16

When I asked if he had anything else by the band, the guy I got this from said he used to run Silver Girl records, the label that put out Everready’s first single “Getting Smarter”. I then had all kinds of questions for him and he wound up sending me a bunch of random press clippings from zines, and some ad artwork workup originals (like, cut and pasted originals…) the actual cover photo, others from the same shoot, and the actual negatives. NEGATIVES!  I’ve got it all in a file folder lovingly in the back of the 7″ stack. If anyone’s interested in seeing scans of any of this random stuff, let me know.

This is my first attempt at ripping a cassette tape and splitting up the tracks for someone other than myself. Let me know how it sounds (if it even works…) and what you think. Audacity was against me at first, but I prevailed.

Get it.

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5 Responses to Everready – Fairplay Demo Tape

  1. xjerryx says:

    So awesome. Thanks so much for this.

    • veganboyjosh says:

      Glad I finally got around to it, too. Took me a bit to get through the Audacity setup, and took an hour or so to figure out something I kept doing wrong. Should be less intimidating from here on out. I’ve got a few posts started, just need to rip me some stuff.

      Are you coming to Awesome Fest? Me and some friends will be there, and guess which pop punk band from Escondido is getting back together for a set? I’ll give you one guess.

  2. Nate says:

    Hey man, Im from niagara falls. Id love to make the trip down for awesome fest and now that this news is afloat I seriously might consider. But its really far..

  3. Arnie says:

    Hey thanks for this. I played guitar for Everready in the 90’s. Haven’t talked to Brian or Brett in years. I haven’t heard this tape for many years as my copy is long gone. I played on the cd version of Fairplay when I was around 16. -Arnie-

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