Everready – Live in Japan

I really wish that this recording could see a proper release. I’m afraid that the fact that no one seems to have heard of this band unless they were actually in it would mean that releasing such a thing would be a risky financial endeavor at best, and as a result will likely never happen. It’s too bad.

This is seriously one of the best bands on the planet.

I don’t know anything about this recording other than:

  1. It was recorded in Japan.
  2. The CD says “2-15-00”, which is likely the date it was recorded.
  3. It was supposed to be released on Cool Guy records,  but never was.
  4. Despite #2, it did show up on a CD database at the record store where I used to work.
  5. This is ripped from the only copy of the CD master in existence.
  6. Davey Tiltwheel gave it to me, with permission to release it into the wild.
  7. We’re getting ahead of ourselves.

I worked at a music store in Houston in the summer of 2000. I took full advantage while I was there of browsing their catalog and their music database. I think it was some kind of hella expensive subscription thing that only record stores could buy, or rent that had all kinds of release info about every record ever or something in it.

Anyway, Everready is one of the bands that I used to look for first thing at any record store I visited. I checked this online catalog, and there was a listing for “Everready: Live in Japan” which I had never heard of nor seen ads for or anything. This was right before the internet blew up, so I hadn’t really even looked for them online yet.

Not that it would have mattered. Good luck finding a website or anything. I think Brian set up a myspace page for them a couple of years ago, but I can’t find it now. No, its not the HCHC band from Japan, and it’s not the Everready Gospel Choir from Norfolk, either.

So, I suspected that this Live in Japan album existed but still had no proof.

At some point, I got in touch with Davey Tiltwheel, who played on the last few Everready albums. I emailed him all kinds of questions about this or that Everready release. Eventually, I remembered the Live in Japan record that I’d heard of once but never again.

He told me that they’d recorded it, and Danny Cool Guy had announced it and likely released the matrix number to the CD database company, but it never got pressed.

Eventually, I heard about a Tiltwheel tour that included a Denver Date.

I emailed Davey, and begged him to bring a copy of the Live in Japan CD with him, so that I could hear it.

Months passed. I rode the bus down to Denver–long story that involved my car’s license plates expiring–with my skateboard, and met up with the band before their show. (Denverites will join me in fondly remembering the 15th St Tavern…) Davey told me early in the evening that he had, in fact, brought the CD with him, and it was in the van. “Remind me after the show, and I’ll hook me up,” he said.

That night, there was some kind of political party banquet happening at a big fancy hotel lobby across the street, and I guess the bands had checked it out, and somehow crashed the party and scored some free buffet food, and were encouraging everyone to go check it out and get some middle eastern food. “Just tell them you’re with Titwheel.” Between just about every song, Davey was extolling the virtues of this buffet, no joke.
They finished their set, and Davey disappeared. I was nervously watching the clock, cos to miss the last bus meant I was skateboarding the 30 miles home, or trying to find a place to stay in Denver, where I didn’t know anyone at the time.
Someone in the band suggested I run across the street and see if he’s at the buffet. I go over there, can’t find him, and get busted by some security gourd for having a skateboard and punky clothes. I’m clearly crashing the place and have to leave. I get back to the bar, and there’s Davey.
I remind him that I’ve gotta catch a bus, and can I have that CD now. He drops what he’s doing, and rustles through his bag in th van, and can’t find it. Ugh. Eventually, he finds it–“Oh yeah, it’s here in my journal, where I put it so I wouldn’t lose it. Now, josh, this is the only copy of this CD in the world. It’s the CD master. Do whatever you want with it, release it, copy and give it away, bootleg it, whatever. Just don’t lose it.

I skate back through downtown Denver, catch the bus, make it home, and also HOLY CRAP I HAVE THE ONLY COPY OF AN UNRELEASED EVERREADY RECORD. The bus ride home is spent by me wondering how much it would cost to put this out myself as a CD release or as a vinyl record.

There’s no cover art for this, since all I got was a CDR. For authenticity’s sake, you’ll have to make your own cover if you want one. (If anyone feels so moved, please do post a link to any covers you come up with for this in the comments.)


Intro    0:08
Karma Who?    2:19
Eat the Peanuts Out Of My Shit, Mr President    3:40
At The Che    2:58
Don’t Be a Soldier    2:31
My Girlfriend’s In The FBI    2:56
Maricela’s Song    3:02
I Hate You    3:12
Kalifornia    3:33
Stuck    2:20
5 Words In My Mind    2:23
Bleach Banquet Bingo    2:15
Dum-E    2:04
I Hate You 2    2:21
Wasting My Time Time    2:16
County Transit System    2:10
I Never Will    1:42
Look On The Bright Side    2:07
Never Walk Away    3:53

There’s something from all 4 of their albums, and one unreleased (so far as I’ve been able to tell, and I’ve been stalking this band for years.) song, “My Girlfriend’s in the FBI.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how stoked I am to get to see these guys in September at Awesome Fest.

I still can’t believe Davey gave this to me. I really am honored to be in possession of it, and to be able to share it with you guys.

Thanks, Davey.

Get it.

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3 Responses to Everready – Live in Japan

  1. Nate says:

    Right on dude I just saw Tiltwheel the other day. I talked to Davey and he told me to ask you to rip this live cd..he said something about him taking a shit in the middle of the set..

  2. veganboyjosh says:

    haha. that’s what he told me about this, but i think it may have been another show or something. alas, it’s not on this one.

  3. doomalonethatcounts says:

    Josh, thanks for upping this. one of my all time favorite bands from that time….i saw a list you posted of some other releases you had, you would not have upped them anywhere, have you? been looking for the various comps they were on and Reinheitsgebot for awhile. i seem to remember a cover of Leaving on a Jet Plane…

    have you ever heard Jolt?

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