POP PUNK Fans MUST board never pull them out!

In the summer of 1996, I lived on a military base in Germany with my parents. Here’s the house I lived in. Because I lived with my parents, and had a job, I had lots of disposable income. I ordered lots and lots of records from labels and distributors back in the states. At some point, I came across Polyvinyl Records. I sent them some money for something, and they were out of whatever it was I wanted. (Come to think of it, it was likely this, which I later found elsewhere.) They sent me a credit slip, and I checked out their catalog. I wasn’t interested in any of the stuff they were carrying (it was too emo for me. I was into the pop punk stuff, then and now.) so I told them “just send me whatever random pop punk stuff you have lying around that gets sent to you.”

So they did. A few weeks later, I got what I’ve come to think of as the best surprise mail order experience I’ve ever had.

This tape was but one of the many many awesome things that were in that box. The only other thing I’m 100% sure that Polyvinyl sent me at the same time was The Blue Meanies picture disc of Pave The World, which I may get around to posting someday.

So. Fun Fun Attitude.

Here’s what I know about them:

1. They’re from Japan.
2. They put out a demo tape that somehow wound up at the Polyvinyl office.
3. They’ve been on some compilations.*
4. They sound like a Japanese mix of The Bananas, the Weird Love Makers and Screeching Weasel.
5. They sing in English.**

Here’s the J-Card:

click for full size


Teenage Summer
Don’t Let Me Down
Crazy Years
Light of Youth
I Don’t Mind
I Love You Anyway

This website has a bunch of releases with tracklistings and cover art but no info about how to order them, if they’re even available, so far as this gaijin can tell.

This website has the Soda Days CD for sale, but it’s in Japanese, and I’m not quite ready to shell out shipping from Japan for a single CD yet. Perhaps someday I can schlep the family over there for a massive record shopping trip vacation. They also have what they claim is Fun Fun Attitude’s complete discography listed, which includes way more albums and singles than you would think an obscure Japanese band like this should have, especially as good as they are. Their obscurity just doesn’t jive with their output of great songs. Why haven’t more people heard of these dudes?

I did get a kick out of this description, brought to you by Google Translate:

It was long out of print predecessor SEE HER FUN FUN band of four EP + DEMO TRACK + COMP offers a collection of songs and finally relapse ALMOST COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY CD! ! Increase the number of all 25 songs from Original Music! ! Melodic mid 90 / POP PUNK Fans MUST board never pull them out! Youth POP PUNK!!

Which makes a lot more sense once you’ve heard the band. It’s the exuberance with which they sing in English, with full on accents, and don’t quite get the grammar 100% correct, but it doesn’t really matter when you’re dancing this hard, right?

*Two of which I found on ebay in a lot of Japanese pop punk CD’s, and will eventually post here.
**I Think. The vocals are so frenetic and accented that it’s often hard to understand. I usually can’t stand non-native English speakers singing in English, as I find the accent very distracting, but for some reason, I find this vocalist really charming.

Youth POP PUNK indeed.

Get it.

Update: I was about to publish this post as complete, when I got an email response from a fellow in Japan whose website I linked to above. Here’s what he said:

Hi Josh, thank you for e-mailing me!
Yes, I have some copies of compilation CD “Soda Days 1995-1997” for distribution.
I’m glad to hear from you even you’re living oversea!!
Fun Fun Attitude re-named to See Her Tonite since 1998.
I run the small record label named Fixing A Hole.
And my first release was See Her Tonite album CD!!
Please visit my site and download sample MP3.
They’re really great, I’m proud of releasing it!!
And I’m very surprised that you have “Teenage Summer” demo!!
It’s very rare and hard to find in Japan.
Tell me what you want and I will try to make it.
All The Best

So, they’re still together, and playing as “See Her Tonite”, with a cd available at that there link. I’ve not had a chance to download any sample mp3’s, but if they’re anything like EVERY OTHER JAPANESE POP PUNK BAND I’VE EVER HEARD, they’re all gonna kill me with catchy, sloppy amazingness.

Note: Between me starting this post and right now, Kei sent me a sweet sweet package of Japanese goodness that included Fun Fun Attitude’s Soda Days CD, which has more songs than I even knew about. Also included in the package was a stack of See Her Tonite CD’s. See Her Tonite being the band that Fun Fun Attitude turned into in about 2000. All of the songs from the Soda Days demo tape are on there except for “Crazy Days”, so these songs come from the CD. Crazy days comes from the tape itself, hence the wonky audio quality. Sorry for that, but it’s the best I could do with what I have. The actual tape went from Japan originally, to Polyvinyl in , to me in Germany, to me around the US, to where it now lives in my music closet. Yes, I have a closet for my music.

And finally, to Kei at Fixing a Hole Records in Hiroshima, どうもありがとうございました。多分いつの日か私が恩返しをすることができます。

Get it.

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3 Responses to POP PUNK Fans MUST board never pull them out!

  1. xjerryx says:

    Aw, fuckin’ A, Josh. Totally thought you weren’t posting blogs because I mistakenly thought I added you to my Google Reader feed.

    • veganboyjosh says:

      well, i haven’t posted nearly as much as i want to. still trying to find my groove timing wise. i’ve got a shit ton of stuff that needs to go up here. will get to it eventually.

  2. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this site. I’m hoping the same high-grade blog post from you in the upcoming as well. Actually your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own web site now. Actually the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good example of it.

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