Plan A Project: Use Your Head ep

I went through a phase in the mid-late 90’s where I did a LOT of mailorder from the back of MRR and Punk Planet, and then when those records would arrive, I’d dig through the catalog from the label/distro, and order more.

This was when I lived on a military base in Germany, and so would check my mail at the base post office. I worked about 2 blocks away. Checking the mail was the highlight of many, many days during those years. I remember weeks at a time when I would get at least one music package in the mail every day. Life was good.

I’m pretty sure this record came in one of those packages. I’ve always described their sound as sort of like a more-bouncy-but-still-punk Rancid, if Rancid were a little more tight, and a little more street. Almost like a cross between Operation Ivy and Rancid, as odd (is it really?) as that sounds.

Anyway, I got this record in the mail, and very soon after ordered their follow up, 532 Seconds of oppressed anger, individuality, insecurity, uncompromising moral commodity, and a kid who got sold short 7 inch.

They also put out a self titled 10″, and later a couple of CD’s, one of which includes a cover of Confrontation 101, the Plow United song, which they actually do pretty good justice.


click for full size


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Full Blown Vet
Plan A
Catalytic Agent

Anthems was later rerecorded for one of their full lengths, but I’ve always preferred this version. It’s a little more sloppy and less polished.

One thing that really resonated with me is the sense of activism that they sung about. Yeah, Op Ivy and tons of others sang about unity, and all that, but something about these guys seemed a lot more direct action oriented than the punk bands I was used to. Maybe it was pictures of them playing in ABC No Rio or some mention in the liner notes about Food Not Bombs or something; I have no idea. But the songs very much inspired me to get off my ass, out of my house, and do something positive, creative, and difference making. Unlike most other bands I was into at the time, or have been into since.

I really wish I knew what these guys were up to today, even if it’s not Plan A.

Get it.

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2 Responses to Plan A Project: Use Your Head ep

  1. Danny says:

    Hey This is Danny from Plan A Project. Thanks for getting the message and keep on keeping on! Post Plan A bands are The Ratchets and Detournement

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