Welcome to Colorado. Now get out.

the Descendents and Hot Water Music are playing at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver tomorrow night and a bunch of (including some as yet unmet) friends are coming in from out of town to see them. a few have asked me what there is to do here. so, i compiled a list. here’s that list.

i’m sure i’ll add to this, but i would like to take a moment and encourage all three of you reading this to consider doing something similar for where you live. how awesome would it be to have such a map like this when you go visit somewhere? there’s certainly something to be said for exploring a new place and finding things on your own, but sometimes i don’t have time for that, or just want to go eat/shop for records without doing a ton of research first.

google maps makes it INCREDIBLY easy to creat a map and add places to it, complete with little descriptions (“don’t miss this dish”, or “be sure to ask about the box of records they keep behind the counter”) for each one. i’ve included the one i created for Front Range Vegan, but i plan on making a “Things to do in Denver” one soon.

Wax Trax is not to be missed. if you have time, dig out the used 7″ boxes along the back wall. there’s shit in there that’s been in there for years. be sure to go through the tiny “new arrivals used punk” section when you first walk in the door. it’s the entirety of their used LP section, because it gets so picked over, and it remains at about 40 records constantly.

i can never seem to leave Black and Read in Arvada without something great. bit of a drive from Denver, tho.

Justine mentioned the bowling party tonight at 5. that’s near my house in Lafayette, and anyone reading this is welcome to join us. google Coal Creek Sports Center. 5 PM. bit of a drive from downtown, but most of the people coming tonight are going to the show Justine mentioned at Illegal Pete’s. i’ll have my two kids with me, one’s almost 3 and the other is 9 months old.

speaking of Pete’s, be sure to save some room for their Big Potato Burrito if you’re headed to that show.

Twist and Shout Records on east Colfax is decent, they tend more towards the new than the used, and it tends to get picked over more frequently, but still worth checking out.
that’s right next door to one of the Tattered Cover Bookstores. not the best Tattered Cover, but a decent bookstore.

go further east, and there’s a bunch of thrift stores right on Colfax. Goodwill, ARC, and more. all of the ARC Thrift Stores on the Front Range (Denver to Fort Collins, basically) sell all their stuff except for brand new arrivals for 50% off every Saturday, so if you’re up and looking for something to do, go thrifting.

someone mentioned 1up Bar. never been there myself, but want to some day. everything i’ve heard sounds rad.

Sweet Action Ice Cream is down near the 3 Kings Bar, which is awesome and has great art on the walls. kind of in a hipster part of downtown, but not yet fully gentrified…those are both across the street from Sputnik, which is a diner next door to the Hi-Dive venue, and has great pub-type food like sweet potato fries. there’s also a decent sized Goodwill very close to these. if you don’t see it while looking for parking, just ask a local. it’s right there. and don’t forget the downstairs of that place. it’s bigger than it first looks from outside.

not too far/maybe next door? from the Fillmore is Independent Records. i’ve spent a good couple hours in there while a friend was at a lame show at the Fillmore, and came away with one or two good records. i think it’s the kind of place that stocks some good stuff, but it doesn’t get picked over very much, so you can find deals on good records as a result.

as for places to eat, i’ve been collecting a list of vegan/friendly places to eat, and have compiled them handily here:

Watercourse Foods is within walking distance from the Fillmore, and it’s got a ton of veg*n options.

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