Gerty Farish and the Pissed Officers – Save the Ants

I don’t know much about Gerty Farish and I know even less about the Pissed Officers. I suspect there are shared members or instruments or housing or something. They both play noisy, bouncy, spastic, fast….something. I don’t know what kind of music this classifies as. Atom on crack while His Package is upstairs in the attic on meth? Maybe.
The Pissed Officers is more straight ahead rocking, while Gerty Farish throws in more bounciness and sproings and what I think of as the thrift-scored-keyboard-slide-whistle type noises. This really doesn’t do it justice; they really make it work.
If I’m not mistaken, Gerty Farish is just two people. The Pissed Officers, according to the liner notes, are three people.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the packaging and assorted goodies that came inside this record. The outside jacket itself is perforated so that you can punch out the pieces, fold them, insert tabs into slots, and come out with a rocketship. Presumably a rocketship with which you will use to save the ants. The record came with a seemingly unrelated postcard and a 45 rpm record that does not have any music related to either band, in addition to the lyric sheets glued onto the inner sleeve, an 11×17 Gerty Farish poster, and a ginormous fold out poster from the Pissed Officers that is a map of the continental US, and gives pretty clear directions to their house in Boston, including pitfalls from around the country like rattlesnakes in Louisiana, mountains in Colorado, and baboons in the midwest somewhere.
Wait, are baboons in the midwest a known hazard?


GFsleeve POsleeve




Get it.

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