Various Artists – Comping an Attitude

Epilogue to yesterday’s post:

When asked what other bands from San Antonio I should check out, Galaxian mentioned El Santo. What follows is the only thing I’ve ever come across with El Santo on it.

This is a 10″ compilation of Texas bands from the mid 90’s. The vinyl is clear with colorful spots. Almost looks like smashed jelly beans.

coverbackSide-A Side-B

Kid’s Meal – “Processed’: Reminds me of several Bay area hardcore bands from the late 80’s/early 90’s. I could see this song easily belonging on an early Lookout comp. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to learn that someone from this band did the Turkey Baster logo on the back cover of this record.
Stretford – “This Song Is About Nothing” – I’m pretty sure there’s a saxophone on this song. Sounds like a pop punk band with a horn, but not quite a ska band, a la Swank?
Gomez  – “Darth Vader” – Check it out, a Gomez song about Star Wars.
Minority – “Idiocy” – Even in the Olympics someone comes in last…mediocre 90’s pop punk that’s not bad by any means, but is the clear weak song on the record.
Krayons – “Destroy Tradition” – The opening riff reminds me of the Friends theme song, which may be this song’s downfall. They seem to be riding the fence between straight up pop punk, emo, and pop. But not in a good way.
Figbash – “Black Coffee” – Kind of reminds me of a more rough sounding No Kind Of Superstar.
El Santo – “Mod Death” – If you told me they were a jazzmath artpunk band from Richmond, VA in 1994, I would totally believe you and ask for more. 

Also came with a 12 page liner notes booklet with familiar artwork:

Get it.

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