Various Artists – Shreds Volume 3: American Undergound 1995

Volume 3 in the series. This might have been the last one I acquired of the bunch. It was either this one or volume 5. And I didn’t get my hands on it until much later than 1995. Probably around 2005 or 2006 even.

In any case, I was excited to finally have this piece of the puzzle and see what was on it. As it turned out, by the time I got it, I had already managed to track down most of the singles featured here that I would be interested in. That said, I still discovered some new stuff here. There were even a few that I had come across before, loved, and forgotten about.

coverinside1 inside2CDback

1. The Dugans – “Whatever”: I got this song on a mixtape from a friend. They had labeled it as the Dugans, but I never bothered to track them down despite this song being rad. Catchy, rollicking pop punk with guitars I can only describe as “thick”.
2. Million Sellers – “Rain Come Down”: Not horrible. Reminds me a bit of Jellyfish if they had a different singer and less production. Not really my bag.
3. M Blanket – “Coaster Brakes”: Now we’re talking. Minneapolis pop punk with gruff vocals that sound nothing at all like any other Minneapolis pop punk with gruff vocals. More mid and slow-tempo than most of the others, too. As much as Jawbreaker never really clicked with me (it’s true. Maybe someday if you kids are lucky I’ll tell that story), I sure seem to like a lot of bands that sound like them. I’d put this band in that category.
4. Jenny Mae – “Hershey”: Piano and sax based mellow song. Not my thing, but it’s only 1:40 long so it’s bearable. Reminds me of what you’d hear over a commercial that takes place at a diner or a jazz club. Little bit spacey.
5. Padded Cell – “Hold On Wolf”: I seem to recall there being two Padded Cell’s that both played street/pogo type punk in the mid 90’s, and them trying to kind of hash out which one was the “real” Padded Cell in the letters section of MRR. If memory serves, both bands came out looking like idiots. Good times.
6. The Stand GT – “When Love Puts On A Sad Face”:
7. The Parasites – “Burnt Toast”: Did you kow there are no gendered pronouns in Parasites love songs? They’re singing TO the object of their affection, not about them.
8. Pomeranians – “Furry”:
9. Punpernickle – “Girl Song”:
10. Buglite – “She Loves Me”: There’s a line in an Insteps song with a reference to “hippy punks”. It took me a while after I heard that song to learn about peace punk and how that whole subgenre gets shit on for being hippies. When I first heard the song, Buglite is the kind of “hippy punk” I imagined. They have another song about a girl who wears a flower patch on her ass, and how she’s a dream. Buglite= hippy pop punk. Hippie pop punk=Buglite.
11. The McRackins – “Life, Hey Mikey”: Prolific Canadian pop punk band consisting of two eggs and a dog. Which came first, the egg jokes or the egg costumes?
12. The Connie Dungs – “Missy And Johnny”: Snotty midwest pop punk. This 7″ blew me away when I got it in the mail in 1997.
13. Gob – “Lobster Boy”: I missed the boat on this Canadian pop punk band, as their rise in exposure coincided with my leaving the country. By the time I had heard of them and checked them out, I thought they sounded kind of generic pop punk. Maybe you’ll feel differently.
14. New Speedway Kings – “Aimee”: Good mid-tempo bouncy pop punk song. I had their CD EP and remember it being good.
15. Peppercorn – “Spun Out”: Take The Gain, slow it from 33 1/3 rpm to about 25 rpm, add in a pinch of garage fuzz, and you’re close. Not sure how I’ve managed to ignore this band to date.
16. Tullycraft – “Skyway”: Goofy sounding indie rock that’s probably more endearing than it first sounds. It’s only goofy sounding because of the vocals which are kind of high pitched and a little offputting but now that I think about it it sounds like if Mikey Erg sang over an indie band played at 45. Not as bad as I first thought.
17. Dr. Bob’s Nightmare – “She’s The One”: If only this were a cover of the Ramones song of the same name. Not horrible poppy punk but it’s not doing much for me. Vocals are a little too whiny. The woo-oo-ooh backup vocals are nice but not enough.
18. The Strike – “Danger”: Criminally underrated/unknown Minneapolis mod-punks who put out an incredible 7″ and two awesome full lengths, which I hope to have up soon.
19. Mark Brodie & The Beaver Patrol – “Montezuma’s Revenge”: More surf rock from this band.
20. Round Nine – “Happy Day”: Second band to be on a Mutant Pop 7″.

Get it.

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2 Responses to Various Artists – Shreds Volume 3: American Undergound 1995

  1. Jerry Young says:

    Gob was a really good band for a while. They put out a great EP, the Too Late…No Friends LP, The split with Another Joe, and then went to complete shit. I seem to remember them opening for Avril Lavigne or something at one point. The unknown bands from this I play a lot are the Dugans, and the Dr. Bob’s Nightmare song, which i liked a lot more than you did.

  2. veganboyjosh says:

    I actually knew that about Gob but didn’t know which records were good.
    I would love to hear more Dugans.
    Just listened to Dr. Bob’s again. Still seems to fall short. I probably would have liked that one a lot more if I had heard it 10 years ago.

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