Building Club/Stink Split 7″ – Liquid Meat Records

Liquid Meat Records was a label based in San Diego that put out pop punk records by Tiltwheel, Everready, Discount, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Cigaretteman, and others.

This was the first tiny label I remember falling in love with and wanting everything they put out. I remember getting new issues of MRR and flipping through the ads looking for the Liquid Meat ad to see what else was coming out soon. I grew out of reading MRR on the regular about the same time Liquid Meat turned into Kat records, but I still managed to follow the label and the bands on it for a bit.

Eventually, the internet came along and things changed. The folks who ran Liquid Meat got into the internet porn business fairly early, and with all the money coming in from that, no longer had time or interest in putzing around with pressing records for bands that would barely sell 500 copies of something when there were other…holes to be filled. The label ended; some bands went on, some didn’t. I’ve got plenty more LMR records to share, rest assured.

Fast forward to Awesomefest 4 in 2009. I was digging in the boxes underneath the normal stock in Off The Record in the hopes of finding some old unused or unwanted or unloved (or all three) Liquid Meat releases. I found this record and recognized the Stink side right off the bat. I had already been introduced to Stink via “Never Will Forget” off the Shreds Volume 1 CD, as well as their record on Mutant Pop, so I grabbed it. Then I noticed it was on Liquid Meat and got extra stoked when I saw a band I hadn’t ever heard of the flip side.

Who was Building Club? Why hadn’t I heard of them? They were on this label I loved and had stalked for years. I thought it was kind of a dumb name but whatever. It certainly wasn’t the first dumb named band I’d ever come across and I knew plenty of rocking bands with dumb names, so whatever.

I got home, put it in the queue of records to listen to. I had just gotten home from Awesomefest and blown about $400 of unemployment money on awesome records. (Ummmm, thanks, taxpayers!) When I eventually got to it, the Building Club side had a VERY familiar sounding vocalist. Then when the song Blue Lagoon came on, I knew who it was. This was Everready. I already had that song from another compilation, called Pogo, Strut, Slam, Swivel + Mosh, but it was called Stuck On An Island and credited to Everready.

The only information I could find online at the time about Building Club was in an old Mutant Pop catalog PDF I dug up somewhere, and it was advertised as “an Everready side project”. I eventually bugged Davey Tiltwheel about it, and he let me know that it wasn’t really a side project so much as it was the band putting out a record and coming up with a joke name to poke fun at a former guitarist who had left to start a band called Billy Club. No idea if Billy Club ever put anything out.

So, jokes on the guy from Billy Club and me, I guess. This is so very obviously Everready now that I’ve heard the record and  know the story.

And what about the Stink side, you ask?

They’re not an obsession of mine like Building Clu–Everready, but they’re still pretty great. They had a song on the first Shreds comp, mentioned above, and a 7″ on Mutant Pop. But don’t let that record’s existence fool you. Unlike fellow Seattleites Sicko, these guys aren’t quite so bright and happy sounding. They’ve definitely still got two feet firmly stuck to the pop punk sidewalk, but there’s a clear melancholy coming through.

Building-Club-cover Building-Club-inside Side-AStink-cover Stink-insideSide-B
Get it.  

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2 Responses to Building Club/Stink Split 7″ – Liquid Meat Records

  1. Jerry Young says:

    Never heard of this before. But begs a question…where do you file/tag this? Building Club, or Everready?

  2. veganboyjosh says:

    I’m still torn and don’t know the answer. If I had known about this as an Everready record before I bought it, I would probably have tagged it as Everready. Now that I know, I think I’ll keep it as Building Club.

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