Nothing Cool/Dead End Kids Split 7″

I think the first time I heard Nothing Cool was on the Skank For Brains; Saturday Matinee CD on Beach Recordings. Beach put out at least three albums with “Skank For Brains” in the title, (the Suicide Machines/Rudiments split album was one of these, the other two were compilations with lots of bands overlapping both tracklistings). Anyway, they cover Billy Joel’s My Life on the Skank for Brains CD, and it’s a pretty straightforward pop punk cover as those things go. (Recipe for cover song success: choose a great poppy song to begin with, and even if you fuck it all up, hopefully you’ll be able to ride the crest of awesomeness that was the song you started with even a little bit despite whatever your shitty input was.) Mildly amusing though it was, I was, at the time, enamored by pop punk covers of pop songs, and their cover had me digging for more. Nothing Cool put out at least two full lengths (which aren’t on Discogs that I can find) and a slew of singles (some of which are listed there; today’s record is not.) Somehow, (I still can’t figure out or remember how) I came across a song of theirs called “For You” which to this day remains in my “top 5-10 of all time” pop punk songs list. I still don’t know which record I heard that song on. Probably some 4th version of Skank For Brains. Fans of Jon Cougar Concentration Camp and/or the Rudiments probably won’t be disappointed here. The only other Nothing Cool record I’ve got is The Unluckiest Man In The Universe, the titular song from which shows up on many many compilations. I’ll have that one up for you tomorrow. As for Dead End Kids, I know nothing about them at all other than they’re from Florida, put out several full lengths, and appear to have moved to New York and turned into the New York Whores. That said, (and I thought for SURE I was going to go longer than two days without a reference to any bands on a certain Northern California record label) Colorblind remind me A LOT of Crimpshrine.  It took me a while to realize what it was, but there’s a riff in there that sounds like a riff in Over The Years. Also the production values and high energy kind of harken back to the really early Gilman Demos, etc. There’s a riff in Step that reminds me of  Blondie’s “Accidents Never Happen”, but I wouldn’t say they sound like Blondie. Or maybe I would. Dead_End_Kids-coverCover_Nothing-cover


Side-Dead-End-Kids Side-NothingCool Note about the artwork scans for this record: The cover is a text weight (copy) paper with the art printed on as if it was Xeroxed or printed on a laser printer. I got my copy used, and the cover specifically had taken a bit of a beating. I don’t normally clean up artwork for 1000yesterdays as much as I did this one, but I wanted to give you what I thought the bands had in mind, as well as a heads up re: the doctoring. The Dead End Kids side of the cover had several crease marks which showed up as white lines and specks of white throughout. The Nothing Cool side had a splash of coffee or something on it, which I removed from the version here. The labels on the actual record are silver ink on black paper. I adjusted the levels beyond what I normally do, but I wanted to capture the way that the silver ink sparkles on the black paper. TL;DR These images look a little better than my actual copy, but I think they’re true to the spirit of the thing. Get it.

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6 Responses to Nothing Cool/Dead End Kids Split 7″

  1. Great writeup. Thanks!
    You can download all our records remaster here for free. Please pass it around. Enjoy!

    • veganboyjosh says:

      Awesome, thanks! Will do.

      What have the Nothing Cool kids been up to since 2001?

      Also I’m very excited to hear that “newest” record. Ryan’s an old friend.

      • Over the years I’ve played in a few bands touring and or recording The Dread, Fabulous Disaster, The Razorburns, Worth Taking, Teenage Harlets and The Started-its. The Stared-its are playing Bottom of the Hill on June 2nd. Jeremy from Nothing Cool is filling in on guitar for the show. I’m the only one who still plays regularly. Theo –

        I have a video somewhere of Nothing Cool playing with American Steel at a Mexican food restaurant back in the day. I’ll see if I can find it and put it on youtube.

  2. Ian says:

    Hello my name is ian nathanson. My father started the dead end kids punk band in fla. My father was originally from ny but the band never went to ny or changed tgeir name they remained a fla band untill my father died in 2012. They played cancer benefits and have played with numerous well known bands like, nofx,flogging molly, drop kick Murphy’s, and limp bizcit.

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