Jack Acid – Destroy The Boat – Lookout Records

Jack Acid was Elspeth, Ernst, Joey, and Ryan. This was one of three 7″s they released and it’s the only one that bears the Lookout Records logo. They also had one of the best songs on the Can of Pork comp.

In addition to Jack Acid, Elspeth and Ernst were in Skinhead Magnet. The Skinhead Magnet 10″ was the first releast to bear the New Disorder Records logo. New Disorder also put out American Steel’s first 7″ and LP. American Steel later recorded 2 (or 4, if you count Communiqué) records for Lookout Records. 

Before you get off this merry-go-round-the-East-Bay, you should know that one of Elspeth and Ernst’s bandmates in Skinhead Magnet was Kevin Army, who produced or was involved with the production of just about every other Lookout release ever created, including this one, and starting with Lookout #1, The Lookouts “One Planet One People” LP.

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backSide-A Side-BGet it.

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