Multi Facet – Multi Facet – Campground Records

Another from the “Never heard of them but this cover looks cool. What label is this on? Oh, Campground? Yeah, I’m totally getting this.” archives.

I don’t know much about Multi Facet but they had a split record with Sheephead which was on the same label as The Gr’ups and Blackfork and that This is Berkeley, Not West Bay comp. (The first in a long, sad line of This Is _____ Not _____ spoofs, anyone?)

Despite the Campground lineage, I’d definitely file this under East Bay Hardcore instead of East Bay Pop Punk but it’s that kind of hardcore that has similar roots and I’m certain all these bands have played shows together and/or shared members or gear or tour vans or something at some point. I went digging for info to see which bands they shared members with and found this blog post from 2011 which does a good job of explaining some personnel crossover stuffs, and Jenean even shows up in the comments with some input. I’m glad she pointed out the pop punk connection, because it’s definitely there but I felt weird bringing it up out of a fear I was projecting and trying to tie any and everything back to Lookout. Oops, I did it again.

Unfortunately, the download link on that page was apparently included in the shit that got smashed.

Cover art by Ben Vierling, who has since done tons of other cover/liner note artwork for bands, much of it you can see on his discogs page. He also has some current art and prints for sale on his website.


Get it.

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