Uphill Down – S/t 7″ – Squirrel Cake Records

First heard them on the Dear Fred: It Was Me That Did It comp on Sneezeguard Records. I liked the song but never paid much attention to which band it was or tried to track anythnig else down. down. When I came across this 7″ in the used bin of a Denver record store, I didn’t realize I had heard Uphill Down before, and even liked them. Between the goofy hand drawn comic art, them being from Richmond, and the “recorded in 1994” figured it was worth the $2 gamble to check out.

It totally was.

Discogs says one of the people in this band also sang in Fun Size.

Thus concludes my Uphill Down backstory. They’re from Richmond and I could write for days about what music from RVA means but I’ll save that for another band and another time.

The music isn’t as goofy as the artwork makes it seem. Solid DIY 90’s RVA pop punk here. Nothing stellar, but I’ve heard much much worse. Includes a Twisted Sister cover. 3 guesses as to which song.

coverinsertback Side-1 Side-2

Get it.

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