Various Artists – Sasquatch: The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Kirbdog Records

Mimeograph-purple looking cover? Intriguing.  Kirbdog Records? Sounds familiar*. Cringer? SOLD.  Moral Crux? SOLD. Nuisance?  Schlong? PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY NOW RIGHT NOW I’LL GIVE YOU ALL OF MY DOLLARS.

In short, what we have here is an early-90’s Northern California mix that’s as solid as any mythical ape man hermit who lives alone in the woods outside San Antonio, TX.

Victim’s Family – Bass Heavy instrumental space-jammy punk song. Would totally be into this for “work” music, where I’ve gotta be thinking or writing or something and can’t have lyrics messing up my brain and distracting me. Might have to track down some more Victim’s Family now.
Schlong – I can never decide if the talent that is exuded by these guys is wasted on such noisy punky cacophony, or if it’s perfectly applied. It’s a fine line, but I usually come down on the side of not wasted. Not many bands can pull off the genre-fucking that is involved in bringing funk into whatever else they do, but Schlong definitely do it well. So much happening here and in every song I’ve ever heard them do.
Moral Crux – I was first introduced to them via their Mutant Pop single. This song predates that by a few years, and it shows. But in a good way. You can hear traces of what they would become, clearly, but there’s definitely an urgency and a more raw nerve sound that isn’t there in the later, more polished stuff. The political bent to the lyrics also contrasts nicely with their later Ramones-y stuff.
Cringer – Anyone know what ever happened to this band? They’re SOOO good! Did they put out ant other records? Were the guys in this band in other bands that recorded things?
Nuisance  Like a more spacey, less country, darker in a sinister, not a fuckup sort of way The Replacements. I’ve said this before but Nuisance sort of typifies for me the north-of-the-Bay-area not-quite-pop-punk sound that a lot of Lookout bands took and ran with. Not my normal cup of tea but somehow this clicked and continues to do so.
NoMeansNo – I’ve always been intimidated by NoMeansNo for some reason. I think all the kids I knew in high school and college who were into them kind of scared me.
A long time ago I thought that covers of songs I was familiar with was a good introduction to a band I wasn’t familiar with. The theory being that I could do some simple musical math and subtract the original version from the cover, and whatever’s left would be the band doing the covering. These two songs being my first official introduction to the band, and after hearing these two songs, (one Ramones and one Dave Clark Five, both songs I’m familiar with) I’d be ready to throw that theory out the window if I hadn’t already done it years ago. Guess I’ll never know what they sound like for real unless one of you can recommend a place to start.

*Kirbdog was a northern California label that put out…not surprisingly, a handful of bands from Northern California. I recognized it from several Nuisance 7″s I’ve found over the years.

coverbackinsert1 insert2 Side-A Side-B Side-C Side-D

Get it.

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One Response to Various Artists – Sasquatch: The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Kirbdog Records

  1. Just picked up this comp at a used record store for dirt cheap, just for the Cringer song.
    Cringer basically turned into J Church which is my favorite band of all time. Lance’s songwriting grew a lot between bands. Unfortunately he passed in 2007. J Church has a ridiculous discography. A good start would be “Camels, Spilled Corona and the Sound of Mariachi Bands”.

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