The Phuzz – This Punk Called Rock – Kantzalis Records

Can one plead the 5th amendment and throw one’s self at the mercy of the court while also pleading guilty by reason of ignorance? I’d like to do that, please. Full disclosure before we go any further: I’ve been friends with Matt (guitarist/singer shown center in the photo on the cover below) for going on 5 years.

I’ve overlooked The Phuzz for all these years. I can’t say this 7″ would have been in constant rotation if I had picked it up 15 years ago but it’s definitely good enough that it would have survived The Great And Idiotic vbj Record Purge of 2001.

Things  I know about the band:

They toured with the Chubbies.
They put out a split 7″ with the Chubbies.
They had a song on the Shreds Volume 2 CD.
Matt, the singer, roadies for The Maxies, the hardest band out of Greenland since ever.

This Punk Called Rock is clearly an early record in terms of the band’s life. As with so many things punk, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lack of talent made up for with energy is a punk trope as old as punk itself, and for good reason. Put enough energy into almost anything, and it just might gain sentience. Keep up the energy level long enough, and eventually the band might learn to play their instruments.

This record is better than that last paragraph may have implied. They can play. They can sing. It’s just not at the top of my “best pop punk records” list. It’s good, but not great. It’s still pretty fun to listen and hear the early versions of sounds which would later come from bands featuring ex-Phuzz members.

Dick and Jason were never in other bands after this. From what I understand, they left and were replaced with two other members who took the band up a few notches. No idea what either of them is up to now .
Post-The Phuzz, Matt and Mike started another band called Then Again. They eventually split, and Mike started The Gain, who we haven’t covered yet here on 1000 Yesterdays, but rest assured, we will. We will.

coverbackinside Side-A Side-B

Get it.

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3 Responses to The Phuzz – This Punk Called Rock – Kantzalis Records

  1. kookadams says:

    “roadies for the maxies” ha. He is the maxies

  2. lucus says:

    The phuzz was/is a band that is virtually unknown and I checked out that maxys band and theyre awful, and the masks and lame, they must be ugly behind em lowell.

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