Chicago Week; Vol. 1: The Fosters – Hahn’s Lanes – Kat Records

Remember how I said it was gonna be a liberal definition of “Chicago”? This band isn’t even from Illinois. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Kelly via facebook, and she provided most of this back story. Davey Tiltwheel filled in the gaps, too. Many many thanks to both of them.

Kelly had done studio voice/singing work for bands like 8 Bark and Apocalypse Hoboken,  (Annnnd there’s your Chicago connection. Get back in the van, we’re going to Wisconsin now.) but had friends in Appleton, Wisconsin who wanted her to come up and play bass and sing with them.

“I don’t play bass,” she protested.
“Here. Take this bass, go into the bathroom, turn out the lights, and learn to play without looking. We’ve got a show in 2 weeks,” Denny said as he closed the door.

They needed a name. Being from Chicago and the sister of Screeching Weasel alum Dan Vapid, Kelly and another former SW member came up with The Fosters as a pop punk homage to Mr. Weasel himself.

Shows were played. A demo was recorded in a friend’s basement in Green Bay. Touring bands came through town and played. Said demo tape was transported back to Liquid Meat HQ in a tour van belonging to none other than 1000 Yesterdays house band  Everready.

A month after it was recorded, Liquid Meat (by now Kat records–the story behind that name change involves a band you’ve heard of from Florida not wanting to be on a label with “meat” in its name and a label not wanting to miss out on putting out an album by quite possibly THEE best female fronted pop punk band in history) requested a photo. The band posed in front of a local bowling alley with with is perhaps the pop punkest name of any bowling alley in the history of pop punk or bowling alleys. The demo was committed to vinyl as it was recorded, the covers were printed, and voila. The Hahn’s Lane 7″ was born.

The band would later rerecord these songs and a few more with Mass Giorgini for what was supposed to be a full album. Unfortunately, life has a way of getting in the way of fun projects. In this case, quite literally. That bowling alley photo? Kelly was 6 months pregnant in that picture. The recordings were shelved indefinitely, the band disbanded, and this 7″ is all that remains of The Fosters’ musical legacy.

Some more The Fosters trivia: the Fosters logo on the record label on side _______  is a young Ben Weasel, as drawn by Kelly’s dad.

 back cover insert-1 insert-2 Side-A Side-B
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4 Responses to Chicago Week; Vol. 1: The Fosters – Hahn’s Lanes – Kat Records

  1. Chris says:

    My goodness thank you for posting this.

    The 1997 warped tour compilation album “exorcise your heavy metal demons” in 1997. It has “Not much to me” on it, and since then I’ve wondered who The Fosters were and where I could learn and hear more. This has seriously been one of my side quests for a LONG time.

    I figured the story was something like the above, but I simply didn’t know ANYTHING about the band until tonight. Thanks. Now I know.

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