Chicago Week; Vol. 5: Humble Beginnings/Oblivion Split 7″ – MedioCore Records

Bought this for Oblivon, kept it for Humble Beginnings. I don’t know that I’d even heard of them before this. Oblivion does one original and one cover; Humble Beginnings turns in one pretty amazing cover and two originals.

I don’t know the full Oblivion life story, but I know they’re pretty much at the top of the list of classic Chicago pop punk bands. Oblivion shared members with the Bollweevils and Apocalypse Hoboken, among others.

Oblivion’s “Jonquil”, track 1, reminds me SO MUCH of another song and I cannot figure out what it is. I thought at first that I recognized it as a cover. Maybe it is and my internet sleuthing skills aren’t as sharp as I thought. There’s something in this song that I’ve heard before. It’s driving me mad.

Dirty Deeds sounds familiar because, well, I think you know why. I hope you know why. I just wish they had picked a different song.

Humble Beginnings side starts with a song I also recognized, and despite the title, “America’s Funniest”, I couldn’t make the connection. Thanks, Google, for bridging that gap for me.

Their sound is pretty firmly grounded in the sloppy, poppy, skateboardy pop punk I hold pretty dear. Somewhere between The Thumbs, Your Mother, and maybe the Supergirls if the Supergirls didn’t sound so damned polished.


Get it.

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One Response to Chicago Week; Vol. 5: Humble Beginnings/Oblivion Split 7″ – MedioCore Records

  1. Jerry Young says:

    Weird. Your record collection is either stuff I have or awesome stuff I didn’t even know existed. I know these Oblivion tracks from the Suckers From The Start CD, but I never knew where the were from (probably could have read the liner notes, but fuck that). Thanks!

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