Chicago Week; Vol. 7: Viva Chicago – Bollweevils/88 Fingers Louie Split – Rocco Records

When I conceived of the idea for a week of nothing but bands from Chicago, I decided to limit it to one record per band, comps and splits not included, just to be fair. Also, if I opened it up to multiple records by bands, then this would turn into Chicago Month and I’m not ready for that kind of commitment. Of all the bands that came to mind, The Bollweevils have proven the most difficult. They were pretty much the first band that came to mind, and they have a huge catalog of records, as indicated by the fact that they have not one but two singles collections, a handful of full lengths, and a live record. Posting a 7″ seemed weird, since those songs all appeared on one of the collections. Posting one or both of the collections seemed weird because if I only did one, then it was like I was posting half their singles collection and not the other half. Posting both seemed weird because at that point, why not just post their discography?

Then this record arrived in the mail.

I randomly happened upon this record online a few days before Chicago Week was even a concept in my brain. By the time it arrived at my house, I was in full on writing mode. It hadn’t even occurred to me to include it in the pile of stuff I was posting this week, it seemed like an obvious choice and would be awkward to not post it. It helped solve two problems at once: 1. Which Bollweevils record am I going to post? 2. Can I post something that nods to the legacy of Chicago punk that predates 1990?

The Bollweevils team up with another band you probably know already, 88 Fingers Louie. As far as I know, the only punk band named after a Flintstones character. I only really know 88 Fingers Louie from their Fat comp tracks. If it weren’t for their appearance on this record, I probably wouldn’t have included them in the Chicago Week collection. 

So, The Bollweevils cover Naked Raygun and The Effigies, while 88 Fingers Louie covers Articles of Faith and The Bhopal Stiffs. All four original bands are classic early Chicago hardcore and punk bands. I really don’t know how you’d cram much more Chicago punk into one 7″.

coverinsert-1 insert-2back Side-1 Side-2Get it.

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