Chicago Week; Vol. 10: Various Artists – Planet Minivan – Dyslexic Records

I know, another comp featuring bands whose singles I’ve recently posted. Simmer down.

This one is another Dyslexic release, in the form of a CD compilation. This one actually escaped my attention until a friend asked me if I had it in 2009. I didn’t, but immediately looked it up and ordered a copy online from what struck me as someone’s leftover-from-1998 distro that they finally put up into a webstore.

Almost every band gets a couple songs, so you get more of a sense of what they sound like than if they each had one.

The bands on this CD that I’ve never heard of or know nothing about outnumber those I’m familiar with to 8 to 3. But those I HAVE heard of are common enough names (Sidekick Kato, Apocalypse Hoboken, and Slapstick) that I would have guessed that even early on in their band lives, bands who were on the same compilation would have gone on to be more well heard of. Puzzling. Who are Offsides? What ever happened to Shift? Did Tommy Rot know there was another Tommy Rot from the Bay Area?

Speaking of Tommy Rot and Slapstick, I’ve talked to several people who

Overall, this is a much more eclectic mix of songs from Chicago than I would normally post.There’s pop punk, metal, straight up rock, ska punk from Slapstick, a band that rmeinds me of The Cure, and others. But not posting a compilation from Dyslexic–including two otherwise unreleased Jerkwater songs–was too much of a temptation to pass up.


Get it.

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