Chicago Week; Vol. 12: Walker/Chemical Blue Split 5″ – Harmless Records

I know I wax nostalgic about the 90’s on this blog often. A time before discogs, before ebay, before the internet as we know it. It wasn’t uncommon for ordering a record to go something like this:

Find ad for desired record.
Scrape together cash for said record.
Mail well concealed cash to address in ad.
Receive letter informing you that the record you ordered is now out of stock and out of print.

On a good day, you got the record you ordered. Having to way 4-6 weeks wasn’t an uncommon thing. But today’s record. Today’s record is the one piece of vinyl on my shelf that holds the record for longest cash-sent date to record received date. I believe it was over a year from the time I sent money to Scott Harmless to the time these came in the mail. I say “these” because a friend and I each ordered one together. I don’t remember the details, but somehow my friend found out this was going to be a thing LONG before it was actually a thing, so our order was one of the first ones to arrive at the label headquarters, sitting around waiting for the record to be actually created.

To tell you the truth, I had completely forgotten about it by the time it arrived. I just expected that that cash was long gone and the record would never ever come out.

It’s a 5″ record, which is tricky for a lot of turntables. Most trigger the auto-return feature well before you even get to the edge of this record to play it. I haven’t played it more than a few times since I got it in 1998, owing to this “feature.” And it’s packaged in a recycled Walker “Actually Being Lonely” LP jacket turned inside out. Crazy that I don’t have that on vinyl but I’ve got a cover for it with a different record inside of it. The artwork on the inside-out cover is just a printed piece of paper glued on, and then on the back two stamps with label info.

Walker covers Dag Nasty while Chemical Blue turns in an original.


Get it.

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