A Field Guide To Crop Circle Activity Featuring The Auditory Works of Milk-Shed & Grass Patch – Space Cadette Records

We got 16 inches of snow last night, and there’s more coming down now. Chicago Week is officially over. Long live Chicago week.

Let’s go to Florida. I need some sunshine.

This 7″ has what might be my favorite packaging of any record I own. It’s very clearly handmade. The pages are all uneven and hand cut, and glued together. No staples. I’m assuming the cover and liner notes are made of normal copy/printer paper, but they’ve been handbrushed with some kind of varnish which makes the paper sort of translucent and adds the brown tint. The outside of the record even has some kind of writing in yellow crayon on top of the printed stuff. You can see it better in these scans than on the actual paper itself. I tried playing with the images in Photoshop to try to discern what the crayon writing says but got nowhere.
I cropped the original scans so that the artwork would fill out the image, but please know that the actual pieces are very rough around the edges, not even close to square, which adds to the charm. I tried to get a decent scan that included the rough edges to post but couldn’t get it to look good so just squared them up for you. I hope the handmade nature of this comes through.  The inner sleeve (what’s normally just plain white paper with a big circle cut out so you can read the labels) is actually a made of fabric sewn into a bag/sleeve, shown below.

Both the liner notes and the handwritten note from Rafael at Space Cadette indicate that each one of these was assembled and created by hand, and is therefore unique. I’m totally fascinated by this and would love to see someone else’s copy to compare artwork. To my knowledge, I’ve never met anyone who’s even heard of either band or the label, Space Cadette Records.

I’ll have to dig it out to confirm this, but if memory serves, Space Cadette was not only a label, but also a venue, rehearsal space, and creative community center type space. I’ve included the catalog which has information about graphic design services as well as the recording studio. I don’t normally like to include label catalogs in with the record/cover/insert scans, but this release and this label all seem so intertwined that it made sense.

I’ve got one other release (that I believe I ordered at the same time)  on Space Cadette. It’s a collection of bands and artists that recorded or performed at the space. It’s hands down the most eclectic compilation I’ve got. Clearly Space Cadette was a happening place at one point. I have no idea what happened to the label or the space but I would love to know. I can only imagine that most of the people connected to it have gone on to more creative works. From what I understand of basic Floridian geography, from Miami to north Florida is like 5 hours. Not many bands from that far south made it up even as far as Gainesville. I like to imagine and hope that there are a shit ton of rad bands that happened in and around south Florida that we haven’t ever heard of.

Which brings us to this record.

I’ve always pretty much ignored the one song on the Grass Patch side of this. Upon closer listen for this post, I see, AGAIN, that there’s stuff in my record cabinet that I should have been paying attention to more closely all along. Kind of emo hardcore from the mid-90’s and I have NO IDEA* why this song never clicked with me before. Looking forward to finding out more about where these guys wound up. *Pun very much intended.

Milk-Shed brings two songs to the table on what might be THEE most archetypal 90’s DIY pop punk side of a record in my collection. There’s a song that is actually titled “Whoa.” The chorus? Pretty much the words “whoa” and “oh”.  This song has been on pretty much every mix tape I made after coming into possession of this record. I’m very stoked to finally have this digitized so I can/will listen to it more regularly. The second song, “Live” has a ska breakdown part but since this was recorded in 1995, it’s not too heavy handed and even bearable still today, 19 years later. There’s even a soundbite from a CLASSIC 80’s movie. Which movie it’s from is left as an exercise for you, dear reader. Again, pretty much archetypal but in the best way.

I would love to get in touch with anyone from Milk-Shed to find out what, if anything, came after this record/band, and/or Rafael from Space Cadette to learn more about that whole scene. Clearly someone tapped into a creative vein down there.

coverLRinsert1 inside1



Get it.

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2 Responses to A Field Guide To Crop Circle Activity Featuring The Auditory Works of Milk-Shed & Grass Patch – Space Cadette Records

  1. Ray Sousa says:

    I was the singer guitar player for grass patch.
    I’m still in Miami. Played in many bands before and after
    And would love to answer any and all questions about
    The time, label, or vibe of Miami over the last,
    Well forever.
    Ray Sousa

    • veganboyjosh says:

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for posting!

      I’m interested in what bands or projects–musical or otherwise–anyone on this record (Grass Patch or Milk-Shed) went on to be a part of or played in before. I’m a bit of a completist, so feel free to lay it on me. Especially any current projects people are involved in for us to check out. I’m happy to update the post above with links, etc.

      I imagine that time in Miami as being super creative and tight knit, being so far down south and out of the way. I suspect not many bands would tour down there?

      Anything you feel like sharing about your time in the band or this record in particular I would love to hear about. I especially love that there are hundreds of these records out there and none of them look the same. Did the bands have a hand in the cover art/assembly, or was that all Rafael’s doing? What can you tell us about Space Cadette? My exposure was strictly through the mail, between this and the Space Cadette CD comp, that’s all I know but it seems like a fertile ground for lots of rad things to happen.

      Thanks again!


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