Four Letter Words – Self Titled 7″ – Self Released?

Please note: this is NOT the English band Four Letter Word.


This Four Letter Words is from San Pedro, California. This Four Letter Words have a song called “Steel Cage Match” about taking out those guys from Cardiff in a…well, you know.

This Four Letter Words played a TON of shows in the late 90’s in and around the Pedro scene. I came to know them through seeing them play at Koo’s Cafe, staple diy house/venue of southern California in the late 90’s.

There aren’t really any words that will do this band’s live show justice, and I couldn’t find any youtubes to embed so you get a bullet list.

• They’re led by The Colonel, who, during breaks between and in the middle of songs, preaches The Word of J.R. Bob Dobbs, whose legacy I am not even about to get into. For the full story on that guy, go to the midwest and find a dude with a full-coverage back tattoo with Bob
• There were frequently actual  jalapenos placed in the mouths of followers by band members at their shows.
• They once opened a show with a cover of Motley Crüe’s On With The Show.
• Hearing their song Skate and Destroy will actually destroy you. Seeing it live? I’m not even here to tell you this. I’m writing about it from beyond the grave. Think I’m joking? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
• Fun trivia fact: The kid whose arms Atom is ripping off on the Redefining Music disc is the little brother of one of the singers of The Four Letter Words. The image on that disc is from an Atom and His Package show at the aforementioned Koo’s Cafe at which The Four Letter Word opened and the kid with fucked up arms wore a telephone book on his head.
• This is marked “promo” in yellow marker on the back cover. The artwork is different from the official release. My current copy is on black vinyl with plain white labels. Hence no scans of those. I couldn’t tell you what the original/official artwork looked like because it’s been so long since I lost my copy some stupid way. That version was also on clear vinyl and I believe it had real labels on the vinyl. I dunno if this one is a test press or just a simple promo copy or what but the flow chart of buying Four Letter Words records goes like this: “Do you already own this Four Letter Words record? NO>>>>>BUY THIS FOUR LETTER WORDS RECORD. YES>>>BUY THIS FOUR LETTER WORDS RECORD.”
• They’re playing again…I was going to post the show details in case anyone reading this would be able to go, but they’re playing pretty much RIGHT NOW as I type this, across the country. If you’re reading this and you didn’t see them, you done missed out, kid. Might as well shove a crayon in each nostril and suffocate yourself now.

Get it.

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3 Responses to Four Letter Words – Self Titled 7″ – Self Released?

  1. FLW says:

    Hiya! A couple of things: the ‘English’ band was from Wales. We never did hear the fake FLW song about us, but we did come close to meeting them. We played in Anaheim in 1998 and the big hard wrestlin’ Four Letter Words were apparently at the gig. They opted though to send a young kid over to us with a note saying that they wanted to challenge us for the name (we’d already been using for seven years). Anyway we told this kid we accepted and would fight or drink them for the name no problem, and off he went giggling. We never heard anything again, but they did apparently write a song fantasizing about it. Ah well, all mouth and punk rock trousers. Cheers, Four Letter Word

  2. veganboyjosh says:

    Sorry for the Welsh/English mix up. You guys all look the same, etc.

    That totally sounds like something’d they’d do. I’m guessing that was AJ or AJ’s little brother who brought you the note. That’s a great story.

    If I ever track down a copy of their full length, I’ll post it, with the fight-challenge song.



  3. FLW says:

    No biggie on the nationality thing, it’s just the same as saying a U.S. band is from one state when they’re from another. As our luck would have it we ended up having a boy band trade mark our name a year or so later, and they filed a cease and desist against our label, who promptly dropped us a week or so after our best record came out, which got canned. So I guess the California FLW’s writing songs about us and prodding FLW voodoo dolls must’ve paid off. Look forward to hearing that song one day, but not going to pay money to do so, ha ha.

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