Buford/Sleepasaurus Split 7″ – Noise Patch/Motherbox Records

Back before the internet was a household thing, before one could google “<band name> <album name> blogspot” and find umtpeen dead links and three good ones, some friends and I came up with a thing we called Dub Day. It was a day long event, where we’d all show up with our music collections, turntables, CD players, tape decks, and power strips, and copy the shit out of each other’s collections. Analog bulk file sharing, essentially.

Eventually, I think we all realized that if it did ever wind up happening, this built up legend of Dub Day would have become so great in all of our heads that the actual thing wouldn’t be nearly as epic as the imagined thing, and we turned it into more of a joke. “Oh man, I can’t wait to get that from you on Dub Day,” or “you go ahead and buy that one. I’ll get this one, and we’ll swap them on Dub Day.”

About a year after the conception of Dub Day, I found out I was moving to Mississippi. I put the word out that Dub Day was going to happen. It turned out that only one friend was available for this, but of all my friends, he was the one with most of the records I wanted, anyway. I still have about 3 or 4 tapes from that dubbing session, and I believe by this point, I’ve managed to track down everything I’m interested in having from those tapes. Today’s record being the last piece of vinyl I was missing from those tapes. I’m a little sad that there’s nothing left of those tapes that I still don’t have. Tracking those down was kind of fun, even as frustrating as it was given my y2k-self not labeling things as well as I could have.

I don’t even know how to describe Buford’s sound and do it justice, but I can tell you that a few years ago, someone challenged me to come up with a list of the most underrated pop punk songs ever. Both of the Buford songs on this record made the list. They still hold up, says me, and Buford is a band that is CRIMINALLY unheard of. Remember that For Sale record I posted a while ago? Some of the same people were on that that are on this. It’s a shame Buford only put out a single 7″, a couple splits, and a comp track here or there. (After Dark from this record was on the Emo Diaries Volume 2 comp.) I imagine if they’d have pulled together a full length, you’d have heard of them by now.

Sleepasaurus is from New York who put out a few singles and a pretty great pop punk full length on Motherbox Records. I used to have their Master Of Muppits 7″, but don’t anymore. Wish I did. They play pop punk that’s a little darker than the usual stuff I like. Almost like a harder-edged Buglite. If it were slower (like on this record, come to think of it), I think they’d fit in with tons of emo bands from the mid to late 90’s. Since it’s not, they got lumped in with the pop punk crowd and ignored. The song here is much slower and less bouncy than I’m used to, (and clocks in at over 4 minutes) but it’s still clearly a Sleepasaurus song (read:great moody pop punk song), and deserves to be heard.

Buford-cover Buford-insideSide-BufordSleepasaurus-cover Sleepasaurus-insideSide-Sleepasaurus

Get it.

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7 Responses to Buford/Sleepasaurus Split 7″ – Noise Patch/Motherbox Records

  1. veganboyjosh says:

    Seriously, criminally underrated. IE, someone needs to be arrested and serve hard time for this.

  2. marcy says:

    The link is working for another records called “One beer shot..”.But it has schlong so its a good one too.

  3. veganboyjosh says:

    Damn, that was supposed to be tomorrow’s post. Fixed this one. Thanks for the heads up, Marcy.

    It’s good to know SOMEONE’S noticing.

  4. marcy says:

    Yeah thanks this time its working right.I really like Sleepasaurus and lots of the creep records stuff like Plow United,Super Hi Five or The Crash.The” Dad I cant breathe compilation” is my favorite.

  5. Lea says:

    this rules! anyone ever got hands on Buford’s lyrics though? :l

  6. wes craven says:


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