VA – One Beer Short Of A Six Pack – Turkey Baster Records/Spiderworks Fanzine

My first exposure to Schlong was when my mom took me to the punk rock record store in Tucson for my birthday, and one of the things I picked out was Punk Side Story.  I’ve since picked up anything I can that they’re connected to. I still go back and forth on whether their collective talent was wasted on the music they make. Sometimes I try to imagine what they would have been making if not noisy spastic jokey punk. When I think about it for longer than 2 seconds, it pains me to think about bands making noisy spastic jokey punk without such skill, and I’m thankful again.

And Grimple? You want me to talk about Grimple? Grimple was one of the bands I was first introduced to during the summer of 1998, when I came back from Germany, lived with a friend at his parents’ house in Tombstone, AZ, before he went back to college in California. We played the shit out of the dubbed cassette of his Grimple LP, Action Patrol, Atom and His Package, and more Grimple. If you don’t got Grimple then your store could use some fix’n’.

The other bands are great, and I could go on and on about how I don’t know much about them or how they sound like some other band I’m much more familiar with, but hey, here’s a comp that starts with Schlong and ends with Grimple, and anything I say about what comes in between probably isn’t going to do them justice. Full disclosure: the Grimple song was recorded live and is clearly not Fucked Up Beautiful Day.

Not pictured here is the 12 page pdf of Spiderworks volume 12 that came with the 7″.



Side-A Side-B

Get it.

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One Response to VA – One Beer Short Of A Six Pack – Turkey Baster Records/Spiderworks Fanzine

  1. marcy says:

    I first heard of schlong when a friend of mine played me an old Hopeless records video tape.It was the video to the song Shattered Life so we laughed for hours.Then I ordered the Punk Side Story record and everything was fine.

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