Various Artists – The New Breed Volume Three – G.I. Productions

I’m not sure when I got ahold of The New Breed Volume Three the first time around, but it had to have been sometime around 1997 or 1998, while I was in Germany. I’m also not sure when I ceased having it but it’s not been in my possession since 2001 at the latest.

You know how you’ll get a snippet of a song stuck in your head, and you KNOW it’s from something you listen to regularly, but can’t think of what song or what band it is? You look through your records/ipod to figure out who’s responsible for that earworm, to no avail. Eventually, it either leaves your head, or you stumble across it randomly, and the question is answered.

Also, you know you can get so familiar with a cover version of a song that it becomes the de facto version that you think of when you think of that song? Like little weird drum parts or pick slides or lyrical changes that happen in the cover that aren’t in the original. When you hear the original on the radio or in a grocery store or something, it feels incomplete when you get to the bridge and there’s no noodly guitar solo, and life kind of hiccups while your brain adjusts.

Take those three things, the long lost CD, the earworm, and the specific cover version that becomes the “primary” version, and mash them together, and you get today’s post. For over a decade, anytime I heard Cheap Trick’s Surrender, I’d get the sound from the version here stuck in my head, and it would drive me nuts trying to figure out who it was. Upon watching Fast Times At Ridgemont High with my wife last year, during the scene where Dabone sings the chorus to Stacey, I twitched because it bugged me.

I took to facebook to pose the question there to see if any of my pop punk nerd friends might know. Pegboy was a frequent suggestion. Less Than Jake, The McRackins, and Big Drill Car showed up. Someone even suggested Velvet Revolver. No, no, no, no, and no. I knew the version from a decade ago so well I knew it was none of those, all of which were easily found on youtube.

Then, from out of the blue, Ron (who plays in the awesome pop punk band The Capitalist Kids whom you should definitely check out if you dig the stuff this blog is built on. hey, they have a new record coming out soon, too!) says ” I remember a comp that had a drawn cover with a red headed kid running on it. The only band I can seem to remember is Betty’s Love Child.” 

The description of the red headed kid running TOTALLY sparked (heh) my memory, and the Betty’s Love Child seemed like a decent nugget of info to figure out what album this was. Back to the google. I couldn’t find much but I did somehow come across a random distro page from the early 2000’s that mentions the comp, and the tracklisting. they even had a tiny image on the page, with the cover. Sure enough, the kid had red hair, was running, and his hair even looked like it was on fire, just like I remembered.

And there, in the tracklist, was the cover I was after. Surrender, by Active Ingrediants. I figured now, with the name of the album, label, and some other bands on the comp, I would be able to find a copy on discogs and snatch it up. Nope. At the time of this writing, this one isn’t on discogs. There is a G.I. Productions page, but no mention of this thing. On a whim, I entered the relevant search terms into ebay, to no avail. Long story short, I finally came across a copy and now hold it in my hands. I present to you, The New Breed, Volume Three. In case it’s not been heavily implied by the above, I have no idea if there was a volume 1 or 2. If anyone knows, or even has one, please get at me.

As for the music on this thing, hopefully the tracklist speaks for itself. Rhythm Collision, Everready, Sinkhole, Strung Out, No Empathy, and tons more you already know and some you probably don’t.



Get it.

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