Various Artists – The ABC’s Of Punk LP+7″

Whirled Records was an amazing, albeit short-lived label from Richmond, Virginia. I believe someone in the band Whirlybird was involved in running or owning or starting the label, but I could be mistaken. Swank, Action Patrol, Maximillian Colby, and Whirlybird found themselves on Whirled. The catalog that came with this LP is included in the download; you can see that below. You should also absolutely check out every band on that catalog. The Attaining The Supreme compilation they put out was my first exposure to lots of bands from this era/scene and the general southeast coast of the US. Hot Water Music, Quadiliacha, Man or Astro-man, and a bunch of other amazing bands are on there. Well worth tracking down.

The theme behind The ABC’s Of Punk seems like a fairly obvious one for a comp and I’m surprised it doesn’t happen/hasn’t happened more often: 26 songs, one for each letter of the alphabet. A for Action Patrol, B for Braid, C for Cornelius, all the way to Z for Zoinks!. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love being able to look back and see which of these bands went on to become pretty household names and which ones didn’t.

The tracklist should speak for itself, but as far as I can tell, the Action Patrol, Quadiliacha, and Zoinks! songs are all otherwise unreleased. There are probably some others, but I’m less familiar with most of the other bands’ catalogs, so can’t say for certain.

No jacket/cover on this since it’s a picture disc, but it does come with an insert and a 7″ to hold the songs wouldn’t fit on the LP.

side-A Side-B side-Cside-Dinsertcatalog
Get it.

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