Various Artists – Spinnin’ The Chamber – Last Resort Records

Not much to say about this one. I got this a few years ago after it came up in a discussion with some internet buddies about classic pop punk compilations. This and Planet Mini-Van came up, and I hadn’t heard of either of them until that conversation so I went shopping.

I’m certain I would have picked it up if I had have ever come across it in the wild, based on a couple of bands alone. Fighting Cause, Blanks ’77, McRackins, Bollweevils, etc etc.

Last Resort Records was also the home to the Fighting Cause non-compilation discography(one 7″, one split 7″ with the McRackins, and a full length), the Fuckboyz’s Hawaiian Mafia 7″, and a slew of other mid-90’s lesser known bands that are mediocre to great.

A few notes upon listening to this for the first time in a while:
-I’m still amazed at the connections made between bands stateside and overseas pre-internet. There are bands on here from Japan, Canada, Sweden, Germany…who was making these contacts and connections? I guess I tend to gloss over and forget the entire network of punk zines and ads and touring musicians and what not that existed and mostly went by the wayside once email came into being.
-Pounded Clown are one of two or three bands I can think of that pull off the punk/pop punk band-with-horns that doesn’t slide down the slippery slope of simply being a ska band. They had a lovely split with the Horny  Mormons (who turned into the Bananas). They also had a website in 1996, which happens to still be up.
– Why aren’t the McRackins more popular and/or more well known? They’ve been around forever, toured like crazy through the 90’s, and write great songs.
– Moral Crux. Same question.
– Fat Day. I’ve heard the name but own nothing of theirs and know nothing about them. Should I?

CoverInside-1Inside-2Inside-3 TraycardCDGet it.

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