Various Artists – Punk? A 27 Band Punk Rock Compilation – Backspin Records

Of all the compilations in my collection, this may be the one I’ve listened to the most. Definitely more than any of the Fat comps (to which I stopped paying attention after the Survival of the…), definitely more than Punk Sucks, definitely more than more than any of the Punk-O-Rama’s. Bringing up the only one that might give this thing a run for its money in terms of how many times I’ve listened to it would be a whole other can of…..something.

Punk? somehow manages to put a bunch of bands together that are almost all (dear reader, please say hello to Peaceful Nonexistence, the lone dissident) at least vaguely pop punk, but also manages to mix up the sound from band to band, so you get a widely diverse mix. The other surprising thing is that despite it being 27 songs, 73+ minutes, there’s hardly a stinker in the bunch. There’s a few songs on here that aren’t great, but nothing I feel compelled to skip, which almost every other comp has at least one of.

This compilation was the introduction to and jumping off point for so many smaller diy bands I now know and love:

-Underhand introduced me to Mutant Pop.
-Everready introduced me to Liquid Meat.
-My Pal Trigger, Vanbuilderass, and In Like Flynn introduced me to other bands from Florida.
-Tiltwheel is on here, but I didn’t really discover their genius until I got into Liquid Meat/Everready. That said, their song here is great.
-Discount introduced me to every band to ever have a female vocalist.
-Safehouse I actually knew about, having seen them play in Sierra Vista once. They might be the reason I bought this.
-The Skif Dank song is the one ska song on the album but it’s weird/downbeat/minor chord enough that it kind of fits and doesn’t throw off the rhythm of the whole collection too much.
-Jon Cougar Concentration Camp introduced me to Jon Cougar Concentration Camp. This song is some kind of weird anomaly in terms of JCCC’s catalog. It’s slower and weirder than their other stuff but it’s great. Wish there was more like this.
-The Donut Run song on this is one of my favorite pop punk songs. Possibly in the top 3 of all time. Donut Run later turned into Pivot and released at least one full length and they were on the Totally Fucking The 80’s LP comp full of cover songs, but I suspect they did more than just those two things. If anyone has a lead on a CD or LP of that record or anything else, please let me know.If anyone reading this knows someone from either of these bands, please get in touch.

There’s a reference in the liner notes to different artwork. I can only assume is the cover shown on Discogs, which I’d never seen before until I came across it while writing this post.

CoverInside-1 Inside-2CD Tray-CardGet it.


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5 Responses to Various Artists – Punk? A 27 Band Punk Rock Compilation – Backspin Records

  1. marcy says:

    Have you got some more My pal Trigger or Vanbuilderass stuff to post?

  2. BigJon says:

    I have both of them

  3. Matt says:

    thanks a million for this and about 50 other things you have posted… some of these comps are things i thought i would never hear again. So stoked on this!

    • veganboyjosh says:

      Awesome. Glad to help. It’s been a hot minute* since i posted but we moved since then and things are finally settling down. Any requests or things you’re looking for, Matt? Always down to geek out with other pop punk nerds.

      *almost a full calendar year

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