Mike Warnke – A Christian Perspective On Halloween

Remember back in the 70’s and 80’s, when satanic ritual abuse was happening left and right, and the huge underground network of satanists were still practicing human sacrifices with children, among other horrors?

What’s that you say? It all turned out to be nonsense that was exposed as a bizarre manifestation of fear-of-the-other with zero evidence of the existence of any real criminal organization related to the Church of Satan? Biased doctors were implanting fake memories in “victims” for things that never happened? Mike Warnke apparently never got the message that this stuff wasn’t real. He still stands by his story of having been a high priest in the Church of Satan, despite having been debunked several times over. But I’m not here to talk about the man. There’s plenty online and in print about the dude and his exploits, fictional, real, or otherwise. An entertaining start would be the 1-star reviews on Amazon of the exposé book about him.

I bring to you today, dear readers, a wonderful interview from a Christian radio broadcast wherein Mr. Warnke describes in pretty great detail the made up history, imagined folklore, and outright lies about dangers of Halloween. Solid listening, even if only for putting cool samples between songs of your mix tape. There’s some amazing 80’s keyboard bumper music sprinkled throughout as well.

When I first came across this LP, I imagined/hoped that it would be part of a larger series of “A Christian Perspective On”, where they would have various misinformed and/or underqualified  speakers talking about UFO’s, cryptozoology, and maybe vampires or something and the Christian take on them. Alas, this appears to be the only one of its kind.

CoverBackSide-Two Side-One

Get it.

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