Various Artists – Noise The Show #25, #52 with Tim Sommer, WNYU, 1981, 1982

Note to self: tapes of classic old school hardcore and punk radio shows from the early 80’s are much more popular than obscure pop punk records from the 90’s. Who’da thunk?

The second tape from Greg’s collection, introduced here.

It’s more of Tim Sommer and Noise the Show, with one notable exception on this particular tape. Most of the tapes in the set feature two or more consecutive or almost-consecutive shows on the A side and B side. This tape has episode 25 on side A and episode 52 on the B side. Not a big deal, really, but if you want to listen to them in order, skip #52 until you hear the others.

You can totally hear the difference in Tim’s on-air voice and production style from the 6 month mark to the one year mark. The interviews at the end of side-B I believe are from a different show than #52, but are great and worth the download alone. Enjoy.

Noise The Show #25  12/16/1981
1. Anti-Pasti – No Government
2. The Fartz – Campaign Speech
3. Kraut – Unemployed
4. Discharge – Death Dealers
5. Disorder – Daily Life
6. The Business – Suburban Rebels
7. The Undead – Interview/My Kinda Town
8. Adolescents – Losing Battle
9. Teen Idles – Get Up And Go
10. Even Worse & Dez – Nervous Breakdown
11. Red Rockers – Peer Pressure
12. Red Cross – Burnout
13. Reagan Youth – U.S.A. (demo)
14. Slaughter & The Dogs – Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?

Blitz – Warriors
1. Warriors
2. Youth

N.O.T.A. – Toy Soldiers
1. Toy Soldiers
2. Justice In America
3. Fucked Up
4. Cattle Call
5. Riot Kids

The Lust
1. Dread In NY.

Noise The Show #52  6/21/1982
1. The Exploited – So Tragic
2. Instant Agony – Think Of England
3. Adrenalin O.D. – New Year’s Eve
4. The Insane – El Salvador
5. S.O.A. – Disease
6. Necros – Police Brutality
7. The Misfits – Horror Business
8. G.B.H. – Sick Boy
9. Motörhead – Iron Fist
10. Erazerhead – Shellshock
11. The Exploited – USA
12. Reagan Youth – U.S.A. (demo)
13. Lightning Raiders – Views

Anti-Nowhere League – 1982 Interview on WNYU

Chelsea – 1982 Interview on WNYU




Get it.

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