My Pal Trigger – My Pal Trigger – Tiny Records – 1995

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the way music and art scenes work. A bunch of creatives living in close proximity with access to the tools needed to create music or art or whatever creative thing they’re into, feeding off of each other’s creativity, bouncing ideas off of one another, playing with each other’s ideas…
I’m especially interested in how scenes like this connect but transcend geography and space time or even a specific sound. The two most obvious examples off the top of my head are Lookout/East Bay Punk and Region Rock. The former tends to be more geographically focused, but both have this weird connection between bands and sounds and artwork that ties their respective “genres” together, while allowing for divergent sounds. Mr. T Experience sounds nothing like Filth sounds nothing like Isocracy, and on and on.

Figuring out related bands via liner notes thanks lists, compilation address lists with two bands sharing an address (and therefore a member?), labelmate bands, all time tested ways of playing connect the punk rock dots. Pretty much all of this replaced by a few moments on discogs now. Of course, what we lament as having replaced our romantic idea of research now would have been welcomed 20 years ago when trying to decipher a tiny, xeroxed handwritten thanks list for related music to track down.

Eventually, tracking down all the bands on a label, or all the side projects of members in side projects of members of side projects of bigger bands gets too expansive to keep going, or winds up hitting dead ends, with musicians who never played in other groups or never had their name put out there as belonging to them.

And then, of course, there was the odd band that came out of nowhere, played with some other bands, recorded some things, possibly toured, then quit without going on to anything else. My Pal Trigger, from what I can tell is one of those.

So far as my paltry internet research has led me to believe, the band had a handful of members who rotated in and out, but never really went on to do anything else. I first came across them on the Punk? comp on Backspin Records, and then fell into the other records pretty easily.
Their last record, Lessons in Ancient History (stay tuned!) was on Kat Records, the label that a little bird told me Liquid Meat turned into when the label wanted to put out a Discount (My Pal Trigger state-mates, as well as split 7″ mates [i said STAY TUNED!])  record, but Discount was vegetarian and didn’t want to be on a label with the word “meat” in the name. And as we all should know by now, Liquid Meat is the label that put out the band that wrote the song that this blog is named after. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly .

Cover BackFlap Inside Side-A Side-B

 Get it.

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3 Responses to My Pal Trigger – My Pal Trigger – Tiny Records – 1995

  1. von ryan says:

    I’ve only ever heard that last EP by MPT… They reminded me of Uranium 9 Volt… Who reminded me of Samiam… Who reminded me of Fuel… Who remind everybody of Fugazi.

    I can’t figure out how to work Seaweed into the equation.

  2. von ryan says:

    Oh, and Kat turned into New American Dream or something…

    A label funded by porn money. Wonder what Discount made of that?

  3. veganboyjosh says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever checked out Uranium 9 Volt. Strange since they’re on Lookout. Probably would have found it too mathy or techie or something when it counted. Not bad now. I can sort of see the connection to MPT.

    As for the Kat/New American Dream/porn connection, I did know a little about that. All that porn money is why Tim and Molly quit putzing around with punk records and folded up the label. More evidence towards my theory that the internet killed pop punk.

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