Various Artists – All The Punk Fit To Print CD, Newspeak Records

This one harkens back to a very specific time for me. I was living with my parents, on a now-defunct US Army Base in Germany, not paying rent but working full time at a music store. The store catered to soldiers and their families, and was roughly equivalent to a cross between the electronics/CD department of a Wal-Mart, a video rental store, and a tiny Guitar Center.

As a result of way more cash income than outgo, I was ordering a shit ton of records out of Punk Planet and MRR. So much so that I was getting at least one, sometimes as many as three or four, packages a day from stateside, each with wonderful new music, which I’ve lovingly hoarded for 20 years so I could share them with you.  A direct result of such wanton consumption of music artifacts is that one doesn’t get to enjoy or appreciate everything that crosses one’s path during such a deluge. Sure, I was bringing home 5-10 new CD’s or records every week, but I’d find a great one and just listen to it repeatedly, instead of listening to the rest of them. (A problem that hasn’t seemed to gone away with age. The current “to listen to” pile keeps growing and growing despite paring WAY back on buying new things.)

I saw Lagwagon play twice one summer when I lived in Germany. My own summer travels crossed paths with their Euro tour, so we saw them once in Germany and once in Amsterdam. Their song on this was the only song of theirs I knew by name so I just spent the entire time during both shows requesting this song. They never played it but the first time I yelled it out at the second show, Joey said “oh no, this guy.”

All The Punk Fit To Print was one of the albums that rose up out of that huge pile of daily mailorder music and stayed in rotation for a while, and I’ll still put it on and listen to it almost all the way through.

Something about the way the musical bits and the lyrics on this go together really got to me in a way a lot of other great records didn’t. I was still living with my parents but starting to face real grown up living stuff like work and politics and facing having a career (basically everyone around me who was my age was in the military…) and figuring all that stuff out. So the personal introspective (but still upbeat, sloppy, and poppy) music really hit home and helped sort of crystalize how I was feeling about a lot of all that stuff. I’m guessing it was more that this record was at the right time at the right place to attach itself to my brain than that it was some groundbreaking personal/political pop punk record. That said, there’s some great songs on here that still hold up. The swipe at MRR and Epitaph certainly helped endear this thing to 18 year old me.

Regretfully, I never reached out personally to the label guy or any of the bands on this, other than Zoinks! and it’s kind of weird that I feel so attached to this comp when I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reference to it or mention of it anywhere else. I kind of wish I did. Especially Nonsense. Theirs are my favorite two songs on here and I never bothered to send them a SASE.

I’m counting this as a Florida release since Sidecar, Zoinks, and The Bollweevils are the only bands not from either California or Florida.  I believe this is the only thing the label ever put out but the liner notes imply that whoever ran the label was also in Bankshot.

Cover CDInside2InsideTrayCardInnerTrayCard

Get it.


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