Noise The Show #27/28, with Tim Sommer, WNYU, 1981

Sometime in 1981, my mom ordered an inflatable beach ball for me from the back of a Sugar Corn Pops cereal box with some UPC bar codes. It had the cowboy mascot of Sugar Corn Pops on it. Some neighbor kids borrowed it for their trip to the beach and popped it. I got to play with it zero times. It was my first hard lesson in “if you let people borrow your stuff, they will probably break it.” I was 5 1/2.

Less than a year later, the Commodore 64 was born. Michael Jackson released Thriller. A guy in Long Beach flew his lawn chair up into the sky tied to some weather balloons. More importantly than all that, a guy in New York hosted a radio show on which he played punk and hardcore records of the day for his listening public. Here’s two more episodes.

Thanks again to Greg Fasolino for recording these and lending them to me to rip and post. I promise to take better care of them than my stupid neighbors took of my Sugar Corn Pops beach ball.

Noise The Show #27  12/30/1981
1. Teen Idles – Teen Idles
2. Minor Threat – Filler
3. S.O.A. – Lost In Space
4. The Business – Harry May
5. Heart Attack – God Is Dead
6. The 4-Skins – One Law For Them
7. Social Unrest – Making Room For Youth
8. Discharge – Death Dealers
9. Circle Jerks – World Up My Ass
10. Even Worse – We Suck (Live)
11. Necros – Race Riot
12. The Exploited – Dead Cities
13. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum
14. Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off
15. Black Flag – Six Pack

Law And Order – Anything But The Critic’s Choice (1981)
1. Punks Like Us Get Nothing
2. I Hate Military Road
3. Teleside
4. Soldier Of Fortune
5. Adolescent Aggression
6. Power
7. Anything But The Critic’s Choice
8. Self-Destruction
9. I.R.A.
10. Caught In The Act
11. Violent Waltz
12. Law And Order

Celibate Rifles – Sometimes (I Wouldn’t Live Here If You Payed Me)
1. Sometimes (I Wouldn’t Live Here If You Payed Me)
2. E=MC²

Noise The Show #28  1/6/1982
1. Youth Patrol – America’s Power
2. Black Flag – Fix Me
3. Varukers – Protest and Survive
4. The Misguided – State Of War (demo)
5. The Nihilistics – You’re To Blame (demo)
6. Discharge – Is This To Be?
7. Disorder – More Than Fights
8. Adrenalin O.D. – World War IV (demo)
9. The Subhumans – Drugs Of Youth
10. The Dickies – Banana Splits
11. Negative Approach – Lost Cause
12. Anti-Nowhere League – So What
13. The Mad – The Hell
14. False Prophets – I Am The Taxidermist (demo)

The Misguided – Bringing It Down (1982)
1. You Bore Me
2. State Of War
3. C.C.T.V.

Abrasive Wheels – The Army Song EP (1981)
1. The Army Song
2. Juvenile
3. So Slow
4. Jailhouse Rock
5. Sonic Omen

NtS#27_28NtS#27_28-CassetteGet it.

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