Noise The Show #33, 34, 35, 36, with Tim Sommer, WNYU, 1982

I certainly didn’t anticipate an 18 month hiatus from uploading these. Sorry it’s taken so long. Life happens. Since we last spoke, I’ve: bought a house with a view, started a weekly radio show of my own, lost the same laptop twice due to hard drive failure, and gotten really into worm farming.
Revisiting these tapes now that I’ve been doing my own radio show for over a year now is a little strange. Some of my own shows take a ton more planning than they probably should (and my wife is stoked about), and some of them just come together super quick and easy. Having 40 years of punk rock to pull from to play 2 hours a week seems like it should be easy. And it would be, if it weren’t for all the f-bombs I’ve gotta navigate and edit out.
*the same laptop I was using to rip these tapes in the first place, which had a convenient audio-in jack. The current laptop I’m using has transcended such antiquities so makes ripping of audio much more of a process. It doesn’t even have a CD drive. Fear not, dear readers, for a new hard drive for the old laptop is on its way as of this evening. I’m hoping that’ll make producing my own show and updating this blog a little more efficient. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Here’s the next tape in the pile.  Thanks again to Greg Fasolino for recording these and lending them to me to rip and post.

Noise The Show #33  2/10/1982

1. Minor Threat – Guilty of Being White

2. Bad Religion – Bad Religion

3. The Nihilistics – Kill Yourself

4. Youth Brigade – Pay No Attention

5. The Exploited – S.P.G.

6. D.O.A. – Fucked Up Ronnie

7. Bad Brains – Right Brigade

8. Vice Squad – Young Blood

9. Youth Brigade – Barbed Wire

10. G.B.H – Self Destruct

11. Red Rockers – Know What I Think

12. Eater – Lock It Up

13. The Mad – Disgusting

14. Dead Kennedys – Forest Fire (demo)

Noise The Show #34  2/12/1982

1. The Fix – Cause The Elite

2. Red Cross – Clorox Girls

3. Minor Threat – In My Eyes

4. Bad Brains – We Will Not (demo)

5. Action Pact – London Bouncers

6. Black Flag – Machine

7. Disorder – More Than Fights

8. Crucifix – You’re too Old

9. Blitz – Never Surrender

10. Circle One – High School Society

11. The Undead – message

12. Red Alert – In Britain

13. Rudimentary Peni – Media Person

14. Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout

15. The Misguided – State of War (demo)

16. Youth Patrol – America’s Power

Noise The Show #35  2/24/1982

1. Killer Instinct – Torture You First

2. The Undead – interview

Noise The Show #36  3/3/1982

1. The Undead – Misfit (Live in Indiana)

2. Legionaire’s Disease – Rather See You Dead Than With Wool on Your Head

3. Beastie Boys – Egg Raid On Mojo

4. Really Red – Modern Needs/White Lies

5. Nekron 99 – Astro Fighter



Get it.

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